balanced and confident


Eliminate vaginal odor

with ingredients like probiotics, prebiotics, ascorbic acid and lactic acid, offering a natural way to bolster feminine health

Support a healthy vaginal pH

with vH essentials capsules, vaginal tablets, and suppositories


your body’s natural ability to restore and maintain your feminine health.


Fast Acting Relief

vh essentials odor treatment

Vaginal Odor Treatment

Eliminates odor naturally and restores confidence

vh essentials vitamin c vaginal tablet supports Healthy ph and eliminates odor naturally

Vitamin C Vaginal Tablet

Supports healthy pH and eliminates odor naturally

Designed to reset and support your body’s balanced pH and healthy vaginal flora.

vH essentials, Ph Balanced Daily Feminine Wash

Daily Prebiotic Feminine Wash

Infused with tea tree oil, prebiotics, cranberry, natural extracts & more

vH essentials OptiBalance Jumpstart Probiotic with Prebiotic

Optibalance Probiotic Jumpstart

Regain pH balance, healthy vaginal flora and renew feminine health

vH essentials Prebiotic PH Balanced Vaginal Suppositories

Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories

Prebiotic enriched and fortified with pH balancing lactic acid


Bolster vaginal health and protect against imbalance.

vH essentials Probiotics with prebiotics and cranberry

Probiotics with Prebiotics & Cranberry

Triple action formula for complete feminine tract care

optibalance probiotic maintenance

OptiBalance Probiotic Maintenance Pack

Triple action formula for complete feminine tract care

vH essentials Mission

We developed vH essentials as a complete line of over-the-counter products to tackle the root cause of common, personal, and emotionally significant feminine issues like vaginal odor. We don’t want to hide vaginal odor—we want to eliminate it. It’s time to ditch the stigma, get off the emotional roller coaster, and support a healthy pH balance.

I was having a really hard time with urinary tract infections. I started using this product because the price is affordable. After the first month I feel so much better, and I have had no UT problems. I’m sold!!

vH essentials Probiotics with Prebiotics & Cranberry

Lifelong sufferer of odor. This stuff works fast with no mess. I stock up anytime I see it in stores! I’ve tried every single product out there, I’ve finally found my saving grace. I’ve recommended it to all my friends, and they all swear by it as well. Ladies, I promise you, look no further, THIS IS IT.

vH essentials Vaginal Odor Treatment

I love this feminine wash!!! Hands down the best one I have tried. I have a lot of issues down there and am super sensitive to a lot of things, but this stuff has been perfect. No complaints!

vH essentials Daily Feminine Wash

Maintaining your vaginal health can be a difficult balancing act, impacting a lot of women for a lot of different reasons.

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