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Accepted by the National Eczema Association, MG217 products are doctor-recommended* “For fast and long-lasting relief” Formulated to be fragrance, steroid, and paraben free to restore the skin’s natural moisture for healthier looking skin.

*Doctor recommended active ingredient in MG217 lotion and Eczema cream for adults

“I have been suffering from eczema, specifically on my hands, for several years, but now have found relief from the cracking and itching. This product has made everyday life so much easier for me.”

“My baby has been suffering from severe eczema since he was 6 weeks old. I tried everything, finally resorted to steroids. 2 weeks ago, I stumbled across this, and it’s amazing.”

Great relief from using MG217! I have had eczema for three years and the itch has been intense. I love this cream and plan to buy more.