Are you a skin care enthusiast? Or do you suffer from eczema or psoriasis? Either way, biomimicry is a movement in the skin care industry that leans on nature as a problem solver. It’s technical, and not widely understood as a result, but its benefits and potential are great. MG217 products are biomimetically formulated. Let’s take a moment to unpack this concept and discover why biomimicry is a game changer in skin care.

Biomimicry Definition

What is Biomimicry? According to the Biomimicry Institute, “[It] is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.” Biomimetic literally means to mimic the structure of natural biological systems. A well-known example of this is the high-tech, low-drag suits worn by Olympic swimmers that emulate shark skin. Similarly, in the world of skin care, when scientists seek biomimetic solutions to problems like moisture retention, eczema, and even aging, they turn to nature and the human body itself for answers. When solving the problems that plague skin, it makes sense to first explore how the body’s largest organ is structured. The cells and their lipid glue present an oil-loving environment. As we know, oil and water do not mix. Only tiny amounts of water are able to squeeze through an intact skin barrier system, effectively maintaining your skin-moisture balance. A compromised skin barrier allows excessive moisture loss, resulting in dry and cracked skin. In addition, irritants and microbes can enter the skin, causing further damage. So, in this instance, a biomimetic approach to solving dry skin would likely focus on naturally replicating the barrier. Now that we have a better understanding of what biomimicry is, let’s talk about the five big reasons why you should choose biomimetic skin care treatments.  
  • 1. Biomimicry is Under the Radar

    Odds are that you’ve never heard of biomimetic skin treatments. While it has seen a slight rise in attention online in the last 10 years, biomimicry remains fairly quiet. In the early development of personal care products, the biomimetic concept was simply not known. Also, the old adage, “If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it” is a prevailing mentality. Beyond that, there are numerous reasons to adopt or avoid certain technologies, which require significant investment in time and money.As public awareness grows, so too will demand. Especially as biomimetic skin treatment success stories are shared and publicized. The MG217 family of products is biomimetically formulated, but you won’t see that fact advertised on labels. A little research goes a long way: knowing which products on the market are designed to mimic your skin will help you pick the best lotion, moisturizer or cream for you.
  • 2. It Gets the Job Done Better

    Simply put, nature does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to healing. Biomimetically formulated skin care products like MG217 are devoted to treating and improving various skin ailments and conditions because the formulation philosophy is extremely effective. Biomimetic components help us do a better job with treatment. It’s all about the results.
  • 3. Natural Skin Care Products Are Not All the Same

    Food and skin care products share a common problem. In advertising, the term “natural” can be deceptive. “Natural” fruit snacks are not fruit — they are candy in disguise. Likewise, common moisturizing creams contain humectants to draw moisture to the skin and some occlusive coatings like mineral oil, petrolatum or waxes are used to seal the surface against water loss. Heavy oils and wax can be naturally derived, however, they don’t work the same way as our actual skin barrier. They act as an artificial coating on the skin and can clog pores and contain harmful impurities.
  • 4. Biomimicry Focuses on Underlying Causes

    A biomimetic product treats the underlying causes of skin dryness by application of multi-lamellar lipid structures similar to the skin’s surface. These lipids deliver essential components that promote the reconstruction and the restoration of the intact skin barrier. An intact skin barrier does not need a coating like heavy oils to prevent water loss. That’s a lot of science talk, but the emphasis here is about formulating a skin care product that restores your skin rather than simply covering it up. That restoration is only possible with biomimicry.
  • 5. Skin Compatibility Eases Healing

    Biomimetic components mimic the structure and function of the natural skin and that means they are compatible with it. Ingredients don’t fight with your body; they work together to symbiotically heal dry, itchy, red and irritated skin. MG217 product components are recognized by the skin and thus do a better job of delivering the restorative ingredients to the location where they do the most good. It simply makes sense.