“The skin is a sponge” is a phrase that most people (whether you have a skin condition or not) have heard.  As it turns out this is very true! We all know how essential water is to our survival but you may not know that certain minerals, chemicals, and metals in water can either irritate or reduce the effects of eczema and other skin conditions at the core.

Topical creams and skin lotions are great tools to reduce the symptoms that come with eczema but making changes like getting a good water filter can help; potentially, reduce the cause of your eczema.  Chemicals such as: chlorine, fluoride, barium, and mercury can dry out the skin and be the cause of multiple skin conditions.  You can find out the specifics of what is in your water by contacting your local water authority so you can know what kind of water filter or filtration system to buy.

Getting the proper water filter should help your skin pretty quickly but just getting a water filter can only do so much.  A lot of filters will also take out the good minerals and nutrients in water that help your body.  Some people have tried drinking mineral water occasionally instead of just water from the tap and have seen an improvement.  In 2005 a study published by the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition” found that 27 out of 33 eczema sufferers had improved skin from consuming deep sea water which has an abundance of nutrients and if free of pathogens.

Making an effort to drink more water in itself can significantly improve your skin.  So no matter which way you choose to drink your water make sure to keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of it!