Sunlight, mainly UVB and UVA rays help treat psoriasis lesions and plaque. Available today is a common treatment called Phototherapy, which uses these rays to slow the rapid rate of cell growth and shedding. Sunlight also provides much needed Vitamin D. Vitamin D reduces inflammation and triggers the body to produce a nutrient for a stronger immune system. When Phototherapy isn’t an available option, natural sunlight is readily available just outside the door but as always too much of a good thing can only make things worse. It’s important to properly protect yourself from an overexposure to sun. Get too much sun and it will worsen your current psoriasis and even cause new psoriasis to form. Be conscious of how much time you plan on exposing your skin to sun and wear a good SPF sunscreen when exposing your skin for any excessive periods of time.

On the topic of protection here are three more helpful tips to prevent more psoriasis breakouts

Avoid skin injuries: Nicks, cuts and bug bites can trigger your psoriasis.
Treat current psoriasis: See MG217 psoriasis products to find what’s best for you.
Don’t scratch: to stop scratching use a topical treatment, cold compress and moisturize daily.

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