Spring is often a welcome change from the cold, dry months of winter—and the summer that follows even more so. This can be especially true for anyone dealing with psoriasis. The warmer air, the bright sun, and the humidity can all bring much-needed relief to otherwise dry and itchy skin. But while the nicer weather brings many advantages in the battle against psoriasis, it can also throw us a few curveballs.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Remember to always dress comfortably. Light, loose clothing made of natural fibers is great for allowing the skin to breathe, and also avoid chaffing.
  2. Many people find that natural sunlight helps clear up their psoriasis—for some it’s only a little bit, but for others the results can be quite dramatic. Enjoying some time in the sun can provide the UV light and Vitamin D our skin craves. But all things in moderation—remember to use a 30 SPF or better sunscreen, and limit your exposure to avoid sunburns.
  3. Speaking of enjoying things in moderation, stay smart when consuming alcohol. Summers are often full of barbeques, picnics, and other social, work, and family gatherings, and enjoying a drink or two is often part of the fun. Be mindful when choosing your libation, as studies have shown darker, barley-based beers can trigger psoriasis, while lighter beers and wines can be a much safer bet.
  4. Always know and avoid your triggers, along with any skin irritants. Stay away from scented lotions, protect yourself from bug bites and sunburns, and avoid prolonged heat.
  5. If you happen to be near an ocean, or better yet the Dead Sea, take advantage of the salt-water’s exfoliating goodness. It can do wonders to scrub away dead cells and leave your skin looking and feeling healthier. But remember that salt also has a drying effect, so be sure to rinse off afterwards, and don’t forget to moisturize (with a trusted, unscented lotion, of course).

Spring and summer are excellent times to kick back and enjoy some great weather and good times. And by making a few easy accommodations like those above, it’s possible to keep your psoriasis in check at the same time.

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