The Internet is a wonderful source for tips on dealing with psoriasis, although it can sometimes be unintentionally misleading. Many articles, for example, list alcohol as a common trigger, although this might not be wholly accurate. While a 2010 study did find a link between drinking habits and psoriasis breakouts, the data showed it might not be the alcohol at fault, but rather the barley found in many medium and dark beers. In fact, consumers of light beers and wines didn’t seem to experience an increase in symptoms at all.

While this is great news for anyone wishing to enjoy an occasional Chardonnay (in moderation, of course,) it should also serve as a reminder. When learning your own triggers, you need to be careful to always keep a critical mind and consider all the facts. Just as perceived alcohol triggers may actually be due to barley, a breakout prompted by a day outdoors might quickly be blamed on too much sun. And while sun can indeed be a psoriasis trigger, so can bug bites, that scrape you got while playing Frisbee, a visit to the ice cream truck, or any of a dozen other outdoor activities or mishaps.

Learning your triggers is a tricky process, and it’s important to consider all factors—not just the usual suspects.

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