Let’s be honest—psoriasis flare-ups aren’t fun. They can be uncomfortable, unattractive, and sometimes unnerving. So it might come as no surprise that there is a link between those who suffer from psoriasis and depression.

It’s a vicious cycle, really. Flare-ups may lead to depression which can then lead to stress which in turn (as anyone familiar with psoriasis triggers knows) leads to more flare-ups. Studies on the links between psoriasis and depression are plenty, with more being done all the time], but two things are clear: Psoriasis and depression are indeed linked, and—as with many aspects of psoriasis—there’s actually a lot you can do to take charge of your condition and your overall well-being.

Depression, whether psoriasis-related or otherwise, is a serious matter. If you notice a pattern of low energy, sleeplessness, or lack of interest and focus, consult a medical professional. But additionally, if your depression is indeed caused in whole or in part by your psoriasis, then properly managing your psoriasis can do much to alleviate your depression as well.

There are many great resources on the link between Psoriasis and depression. In The Emotional Toll of Psoriasis, WebMD addresses this difficult topic, considering psoriasis’s impact from both a psychological and social perspective. And for some quick and easy coping tips, Everyday Health’s article 11 Ways to Fight Depression While You Have Psoriasis offers a range of fantastic ideas, from taking up Tai Chi to dietary considerations—great suggestions for improving your health and your mood under any circumstances.